Thursday, July 16, 2009

What the...

Now this is one of the many reasons why I shouldn't have gone back to Malaysia.

But oh well, I guess I really need a break from all those stressful programming assignments and indulge myself with superb, tasty and CHEAP Malaysian foods. But ahh...Paul McCartney! That's a living Beatle I just missed. And considering MJ's sudden passing, I'm starting to worry if I will ever get a chance to see at least one of the two remaining Beatles perform before they go on to meet John and George. New Yorkers, boooo! that's just not fair!


njahmat said...

Nik! Awwww. Hahaha. Sorry about missing ol' Paul! Hm, hopefully glorious Malaysian food is a good thing to fall back on. Btw, bila mau meet up ni?? Adoi. Padahal kita duduk takdelah jauh mana!

nikmunawwarnikdin said...

ohh yess haha memang tak jauh mana, in fact the other day i drove passed your house masa nak hantar kimbu, hope to see you anytime soon!

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