Friday, December 10, 2010

I survived Hillman Library.

Yesterday I defied the laws of astronomy (particularly Earth’s rotation) by stretching the length of one day to 29 hours. Yes, my friends, I went to campus at 10AM on Wednesday and got home at 3PM the next day. Here’s the chronology of events that happened in the 29 productive hours:
  • Had two exams yesterday morning.
  • Went to Hillman Library not knowing that I would only get out of it the next morning.
  • Started working on finishing a paper at 3PM (due at 5PM).
  • Labor Economics until 6PM.
  • Did my four-hour shift until 10PM.
  • Started working on another paper (Modern Architecture) from then on until 7AM the next morning.
  • Got myself a coffee and bagel for breakfast.
  • Submitted the paper in class at 11PM.
  • Went to recitation for Russian Fairy Tales at 2PM.
  • Went home at 3PM.
29 straight hours. I crashed soon after.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Melancholic 6th

Talk about truth, talk about lies.
Talk about everything that comes to mind.
Keep on talking, but love speaks louder than words.

It's a matter of pain, it's a matter of pride.
It's a matter of picking out truth from lies.
Matter of fact, love speaks louder than words.

Indeed, the best conversation is when we don't make a sound.

Happy 6th (to you).