Friday, December 10, 2010

I survived Hillman Library.

Yesterday I defied the laws of astronomy (particularly Earth’s rotation) by stretching the length of one day to 29 hours. Yes, my friends, I went to campus at 10AM on Wednesday and got home at 3PM the next day. Here’s the chronology of events that happened in the 29 productive hours:
  • Had two exams yesterday morning.
  • Went to Hillman Library not knowing that I would only get out of it the next morning.
  • Started working on finishing a paper at 3PM (due at 5PM).
  • Labor Economics until 6PM.
  • Did my four-hour shift until 10PM.
  • Started working on another paper (Modern Architecture) from then on until 7AM the next morning.
  • Got myself a coffee and bagel for breakfast.
  • Submitted the paper in class at 11PM.
  • Went to recitation for Russian Fairy Tales at 2PM.
  • Went home at 3PM.
29 straight hours. I crashed soon after.