Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Great Food, Great Friends, Not So Great Music

Here I am again after a frickin good time with my budak koleqs around PJ: Murni & some shitty jamming studio in Section 14, PJ. On my way to SS2, I was about to say, "eh sejak bila dia tukar tempat ni?" when I realized nope, it's been almost a year since the last time I was there. Jaya Supermarket was still intact then. So no problem with the area or the road system, it's just that I've forgotten how messy the area was.

So, Let Me Tell You Something...

...about the food at Murni. Considering the fact that the owner of this "mamak" is the brother of William, the proud owner of a sidewalk-stall "fine dining" restaurant that boasts an array of great dishes served in abundance despite the lack of a carte du jour, I wasn't entirely satisfied with it. I mean, yeah the location is way much better than William's; food was good but not great, the portion was surprisingly "medium", totally incomparable to William's XL dishes. I don't take price as a consideration, because I sincerely don't mind spending some extra ringgits for good food. So, yeah Murni didn't meet my expectations. Blame it on William's for serving me impressive foods, thus giving me the ultimate grounds for comparison of which is better of the two brothers. Oh by the way, I ordered "Nasi Goreng Maryland" which is basically a Nasi Goreng USA with a big piece of boneless bread-crumbed chicken fillet and fries instead of udang and sotong. The telur stays. I don't find it any special, if compared to William's Nasi Goreng Ketam which I madly craved when I was in Pittsburgh despite the existence of Primanti Bros and Salem's and Red Robin. It's just not the same! But I'll surely give Murni another try someday, Roti Bacon Cheese probably? Yeah my friend ordered it and it looked totally insane! Imagine roti naan being stuffed with a whole lotta cheese and bacon(beef bacon I suppose?) served with its two classic kuahs: mint sauce and kari plus another one, SUSU MANIS!!! I aint gonna live long if I were to have that regularly. But just for the sake of searching for the ultimate Murni dish and considering the fact that we only live once, I'll make a point to get that thing clogging up my arteries(if not entirely, partly clogged is good enough).

Now, Let Me Tell You Something...

...about how I(or should I say we) sucked at jamming. Well, after almost a year of not stepping into a studio, I guess I'm being excused for my shitty drumming and rusty guitar skills; yes I tried both and I totally felt as if I'm back in those "Studio Muzik Zai Am in Kuala Kangsar as a form three" days. A year spent in Pittsburgh, I've totally devoted myself to strictly play only acoustic guitars. I do have an electromagnetic-pickup guitar(or electric guitar for short) which I do strum once in a while but to jamm with three others on rhythm, bass and drums is a totally different situation. To erare, kdq, chot, q and lan, I apologize for hurting your eardrums. You guys weren't any good either. Hahah! Let's just say, we're all just too old for those good ol' raging jamming days. I swear I was wayy much better when I was 17.

"eh nik! amp ni tak bagus ah!"
"memang ah. tapi ko pun dah karat kdq."

p/s: I don't have any pictures of Murni.

happy faces, crazy fellahs!


frosted flakes said...

hye rox dude..
had lotsa fun..
though pagi tu tak gi kerje..ngantuk dah.
i like those pix..

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